Getting Started

Before reading on with this User Guide, first please familiarize yourself with the following documents for quick and proper reference:

Default Setting

  • Default Admin ID: root case sensitive
  • Default Password: 0000 4 zeros

Quick Start Guide

  • Instructions on how to quickly find the user’s network and set a static IP for the NAS, then launch the Web Administrator GUI.

Setup Workflow

  • Illustrates quick steps for creating a SMB/CIFS share and how to access it from Windows clients.

Menu Layout

  • Illustrates the GUI menu structure for navigating sub-menu items/actions branching out from the top Menu-Entry.

RAID Manager Guide

  • Sans Digital’s NAS Hardware RAID models use SAS RAID Adapter. Hardware RAID adapters are very important parts of the whole system, therefore we have created a dedicated user guide on proper setup and the RAID volume management. Please refer to the proper RAID Manager Guide or contact for more details.